Suzanne Nacha

Visual Artist

In The Studio


July 12 2016 – Spending a lot of time in the studio lately. I’m working on a series of paintings, some larger ceramic sculptures and new animations. I regularly post studio photos, works in progress, and sketchbook images to Instagram. If you’re interested in following my studio practice you can find me at @suzannenacha.

Art & Science


Mar 30 2016 – Great to have my work featured on Art the Science blog – an interesting website devoted to the intersections between art and science. There’s also a QnA where I discuss my background in geology, the working method for my new series of paintings and the underlying reasons for my geo-image preoccupations.


Discovering Clay

SNacha_ceramics_mineralogic2016sm2image: ‘tethered’ (left) and ‘conveyor pair’ (right), ceramic sculpture, Loop Gallery 2016

Mar 21 2016 – I’ve always made sculpture alongside painting. Sometimes the two exist together (as if in conversation) and sometimes a painting will inspire the making of an object. Over the years I’ve experimented with additive sculpting, using plaster or wax to build form and even dabbled in some foundry projects, but I could never find a material that truly worked as an equivalent to my painting until I discovered clay.

For the past few years I’ve been learning as much as I can about ceramic sculpture and was happy to have finally exhibited some of these at Loop Gallery in Toronto this past January. The biggest help has been in taking classes with accomplished ceramicists whose background and studio work focus on sculpture. Lindsay Montgomery who teaches at the Gardiner Museum (and far beyond) has been an endless source of inspiration and knowledge; always offering a range of strategies for every project. Her work is based on painting and ceramics – extending to sculpture, installation and performance. It has been a great pleasure to make work as one of her students, alongside folks that range from absolute beginner to some of the most interesting emerging and established artists working in ceramics today.

Exhibition at Loop


Jan 6, 2016 – I’ll be showing my work alongside Gary Clement at Loop Gallery in Toronto for most of January. The paintings I’m showing are an interesting collision between sculpture, painting and my background in geology. Over the years I’ve often painted from models that I create in order to arrive at a simplification of space and form. It’s an effective world building exercise but one that allows the more abstract aspects of light and shadow to play an important narrative role. This respect for observation and attention to physical detail lends an authority to my work and allows it to have weight as a counter to its inherent humor.

Open Studio & 100 Prints


image: Daryl Vocat making it all happen, Jun 2013

Mar 18 2014 – A few years back I had the opportunity to do a Visiting Artist Residency at Open Studio. During this residency I produced a series of screen-prints that had a significant impact on my approach to image making.  Distilling my painted images through a process of creating coloured layers that are printed in different combinations (in an almost chance-like process) produced surprising results.  Since my goal in creating an image has always been to capture the essence of it – this ability to see many versions of the same image at different levels of complexity has become a really important method for scrutinizing my work.

I enjoyed this process so much in fact that last year I worked on a new Custom Print at Open Studio in collaboration with Daryl Vocat. One of the prints that resulted from this recent project will be part of Open Studio’s 100 Prints on May 15th 2014. This event is Open Studio’s major annual fundraiser where ticket holders draw numbers to choose original print works donated by Canadian Artists. 100 prints is as much of a must for art collectors as Open Studio’s Visiting Artist Residency is for artists.

International Print Center NYC

EmpireHazard_PatriotColors_detailJan 19 2014 – Heading to NYC this weekend for the opening of a group show I’m participating in at IPCNY.  The International Print Center New York is putting on a New Prints 2014/Winter exhibition featuring prints from US and International artists. The opening is January 23rd, 6-8pm and the show is up until March 12th.

Click here for IPCNY

Outliers Exhibition


October 12th to November 3rd 2013 –  I’m pleased to be presenting a solo show of recent work entitled Outliers at Loop Gallery in Toronto, Canada. This exhibition features animation, works on paper & sculpture that chart an oblique narrative inspired by experiences mapping the far-reaches of Canada and over fifteen years making maps in the mining industry.