Dazzleships, 2017, HD video animation, ceramic video box.

Dazzleships (detail), 2017, HD video animation, ceramic video box.

Stop-motion animation presented in video boxes suggest the monitoring of remote environments. Alluding to human exploration, to the mapping of unknown territories and to environmental control, these mediated external views both frame the spectator’s experience and physically involve them in the process of looking. In the video installation ‘Dazzleships’ – the aesthetics of Industrial WWI dazzle camouflage (designed to confuse targeting of enemy ships) becomes a scene of aesthetic contemplation – both beautiful and terrifying in its potential. Likewise, in the video installation “Interior Geometry” the stop-motion birds-eye view of a continuously looped industrial terrain, alludes to drone technology and to endless industrial sprawl. This remotely viewed vignette is presented as an aestheticized moving geometric plane, however one that equally surprises as much as it cautions.

Interior Geometry, 2017, HD video animation, ceramic video box.