July 05 2017 –  I have a large ceramic sculpture currently installed in a group show at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto (up until Sept 17 2017). The exhibition entitled ‘Dwell‘ is curated by Melanie Egan and Robyn Wilcox. It features the work of eight artists that examine the notion of dwelling “as both a physical and psychological concept and how that effects our relation to objects, space and the body”. I’m really pleased to be able to show this ceramic sculpture created specifically for the exhibition in Toronto over the summer.

The work entitled ‘Desiring Machine’ 2017 (a nod to the writings of Deleuze and Guattari) is part of an ongoing series of sculptures that take inspiration from mine sites. Through anthropomorphism and humour, these ceramic works depict the signs of human activity at the earth’s surface. Just as distant mining environments – with their scattered industrial structures – show only the evidence of human endeavor; likewise, these sculptures act as signs. Here, however, through the process of anthropomorphism, they take this a step further; enacting human gesture, establishing physical relationships, channeling sensory perception. Leaning toward each other with leg-like appendages or confronting one another via facial-like extensions; the human characteristics given to these built forms allow them to stand in for and inform the viewer about human experience.