SNacha_ceramics_mineralogic2016sm2image: ‘tethered’ (left) and ‘conveyor pair’ (right), ceramic sculpture, Loop Gallery 2016

Mar 21 2016 – I’ve always made sculpture alongside painting. Sometimes the two exist together (as if in conversation) and sometimes a painting will inspire the making of an object. Over the years I’ve experimented with additive sculpting, using plaster or wax to build form and even dabbled in some foundry projects, but I could never find a material that truly worked as an equivalent to my painting until I discovered clay.

For the past few years I’ve been learning as much as I can about ceramic sculpture and was happy to have finally exhibited some of these at Loop Gallery in Toronto this past January. The biggest help has been in taking classes with accomplished ceramicists whose background and studio work focus on sculpture. Lindsay Montgomery who teaches at the Gardiner Museum (and far beyond) has been an endless source of inspiration and knowledge; always offering a range of strategies for every project. Her work is based on painting and ceramics – extending to sculpture, installation and performance. It has been a great pleasure to make work as one of her students, alongside folks that range from absolute beginner to some of the most interesting emerging and established artists working in ceramics today.