image: Daryl Vocat making it all happen, Jun 2013

Mar 18 2014 – A few years back I had the opportunity to do a Visiting Artist Residency at Open Studio. During this residency I produced a series of screen-prints that had a significant impact on my approach to image making.  Distilling my painted images through a process of creating coloured layers that are printed in different combinations (in an almost chance-like process) produced surprising results.  Since my goal in creating an image has always been to capture the essence of it – this ability to see many versions of the same image at different levels of complexity has become a really important method for scrutinizing my work.

I enjoyed this process so much in fact that last year I worked on a new Custom Print at Open Studio in collaboration with Daryl Vocat. One of the prints that resulted from this recent project will be part of Open Studio’s 100 Prints on May 15th 2014. This event is Open Studio’s major annual fundraiser where ticket holders draw numbers to choose original print works donated by Canadian Artists. 100 prints is as much of a must for art collectors as Open Studio’s Visiting Artist Residency is for artists.